CARE International in Kosovo
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Location of the Action: Municipalities of Suharekė/Suvareka

Donors to the Action: Austrian Development Coorporation

Period of Implementation: 01/01/2010 - 31/01/2013

Overall objective:
To promote integrated and sustainable regional development in the municipality of Suharekė / Suvareka by strengthening existing local structures and potentials.

Specific Objective:
In order to build upon the development potential of the local rural and agricultural economy, and to promote the long-term development plans of the the Municipality of Suharekė / Suvareka the project adopts the following SO:
To create an enabling environment in the Municipality of Suharekė / Suvareka for stimulating new rurally-based businesses and creating new jobs.

Project outputs/results:
The SO will be achieved through a comprehensive and coordinated package of institutional capacity-building measures in three areas, aimed at all sectors of the agricultural and rural economy in Suharekė / Suvareka.
  1. The establishment and strengthening of a Municipal Development Centre (MDC) in the Municipality. The MDC will be a service-based support and information centre providing assistance primarily to farmers and agriculture-related small and medium enterprises, with the overall aim of promoting integrated and sustainable rural development. The MDC’s primary focus will be to strengthen agricultural production, develop agricultural markets, assist the establishment of local agricultural processing industries and generally extend and develop the value chain.

  2. Strengthening the capacities of Municipal staff, including the staff of the MDC, and also those of civil society and local business, to enhance efficiency and improve performance for endogenous development. This activity includes a range of trainings and coordination services to municipal and local actors who are involved in the planning and execution of local economic development in Suharekė / Suvareka, with the aim of increasing the overall individual and institutional capacities in the Municipality for promoting integrated rural development.

  3. Setting-up a fund for local development initiatives (LDF) at the MDC. The LDF’ purpose will be to provide grant support to business and development initiatives which are in-line with the guiding municipal development strategies.

Austrian Development Coorporation

Project name: Regional Economic Development (RED)

Location of the Action: Eastern Kosovo

Donors to the Action: European Union managed by European Liaison Office in Kosovo

Period of Implementation: 15 months

Overall objective:
To contribute to the creation of an enabling environment for private sector development and employment opportunities for all communities in Kosovo

Specific Objective:
To support the economic development in Eastern Kosovo region by creating a conductive business environment, employment and skill development.

Target groups:
The target groups of the action are; a) municipalities (local authorities) of Eastern Kosovo, Kamenica, Novo Brdo/Novo Bėrdė, Viti/Vitina, Ferizaj/Urosevac, Kacanik and Strpce/Shtėrrpc, departments of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Forestry; and Economy and Finance; b) the Eastern Kosovo regional Chamber of Commerce, c) Eastern Kosovo Agricultural Professional School (educational organization) and 100 farmers, producers and business men and women in the municipalities in Eastern Kosovo region; a) 30 local entrepreneurs in rural tourism, b) 30 dairy goat farmers and c) 40 beekeepers in different municipalities of Eastern Kosovo region are direct beneficiaries of the action.

Final beneficiaries:
Emerging and existing businesses (SME), farmers, students and consumers of services and (agricultural) products.
Business people that aspiring to start business from all municipalities of Eastern Kosovo region.
200 students of Agricultural Professional School from Eastern Kosovo.

Estimated results:
  1. Business enterprises in Eastern Kosovo region have better access to information about the business development and opportunities.

  2. Improved conditions for regional economic activities.

  3. Demand-driven vocational agricultural training.

Main activities:
Activity 1: Establish a business centre in Eastern Kosovo.
Activity 2: Support development of emerging businesses.
Activity 3: Design/implement vocational program to increases the knowledge and skills of the farmers.

European Liaison Office in Kosovo