CARE International in Kosovo
contributing to a sustainable peace

Project name: Conflict Prevention in Kosovo

Location of the Action: Municipalities of Pejė/Pec, Klinė/a, Istog/k, Mitrovicė/a, Gjilan/Gnjilane, Kamenicė/a, Viti/Vitina and Novo Brdo/Novo Bėrdė.

Donors to the Action: European Commission Liaison Office Prishtina (ECLO)

Period of Implementation: 01/04/2009 - 31/09/2011

Overall objective:
To promote sustainable peace by encouraging greater civil society leadership and political participation among Kosovo youth

Specific objective:
To foster the creation of the Kosovo Conflict Prevention Group a local youth leadership body intended to both model and promote action and advocacy by youth for civil society networks and conflict prevention mechanisms

Project outputs/results:

Result 1. A Kosovo Conflict Prevention Group is operational by December 2009
Result 2. An Early Warning System supporting peace building efforts is operational by December 2009
Result 3. Joint conflict prevention mechanisms established between civil society and government actors at national level and in eight selected municipalities
Result 4. A minimum of 8 significant youth-led activities in the areas of conflict prevention and security that encourage social action, advocacy and participation in policymaking is implemented and evaluated

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