CARE International in Kosovo
contributing to a sustainable peace
Building Community from the Ground Up

For hundreds of families from the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian minority communities in Kosova, returning home, establishing self-reliance and maintaining a livelihood are all part of their hopes and dreams. CARE's empowerment and reintegration programs for RAE comunities have assisted over 65 returned families in the past year. ...
Investing to improve and diversify production capacity of beekeepers in Gjilan/Gnjilane region.
Promoting Peaceful Integration

CARE's peacebuilding program in Kosovo now centers on promoting democratic governance and minority re-integration, education, economic development and livelihood security.
Defending Dignity
Fighting Poverty

Since 1997, CARE in Kosovo has worked with people impacted by conflict in Balkans. What began as humanitarian assistance for internally displaced persons(IDP's) and refugees made way for peacebuilding efforts, as the country and its people worked to piece together their lives. ...

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